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Radio Practice July 19, 2014

July 15th, 2014


* The radio practice topic will be:  “Radio Communications for a marathon or special event”

* If you are planning on coming to the radio practice Saturday, July 19th, please try to arrive at the lake by 0945 so we can get the check-in started and completed sooner, leaving more time to conduct the discussion and exercise.

We will use 146.550 PL 100 to check in at the lake.

If you are sure you are coming would you kindly send me an RSVP for planning purposes? RSVPs are not required.

We will first talk about the duties of a radio operator at a special event or marathon and then conduct a practical exercise so we can practice what we have learned.  Use can

Radio operators with experience and those who need experience are all welcome.

* The San Francisco Marathon is being held Sunday July 27th and the San Francisco Radio Club provides radio communications support for this event.  This is an opportunity to put what we have learned to use and help out the SF Marathon organizers.  The runners appreciate us, too.

* To participate contact Nick Powell: 

Tell Nick if you have experience or don’t yet have experience and he will give you an assignment to match your experience level.  Include your call sign and cell phone number.

* I have a new call sign.  My new call sign is:  AA6SF

* If you use my ARRL email address, it has changed to:

Otherwise just continue to use:

* Wow! Four years of meeting at Spreckels Lake to talk about ham radio and talk on our radios!

** Thank you all very much.

Peter McElmury AA6SF


Next Practice: July 19, 2014

July 3rd, 2014

Next Practice:  July 19, 2014 

The 4th Anniversary of The 2 Meter Critical Mass Amateur Radio Practice !


Our next radio practice will be held on Saturday, July 19, 2014, from 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs, again at Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park. This practice will commemorate 4 years since the first 2 Meter Practice was held on July 10, 2010.

The main topic will be radio communications for a marathon or special event. We will also practice being a radio operator at a marathon. Bring clipboard, paper, pencil, folding chair, radio with charged battery and operator’s manual.

As soon as you arrive at the Lake contact Net Control on 146.550, PL 100. Wait to be acknowledged by Net Control and you will be given instructions. Please try to arrive at or before 1000 hours.

The 2 Meter Practice will begin with a discussion of the radio operator’s role at a marathon or special event. Then we will move to our assigned positions and begin the practical part of the exercise

As usual we will all get a chance to change frequencies and talk on our radios, and there will be experienced hams to help anyone with questions.

I hope to see you there.

Best Regards,

Peter McElmury KI6NYQ