2MCM Radio Practice Sat. July 11, 2015

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Our next radio practice will be Saturday, July 11, 2015.

This practice will be different from all the others.

At this practice on Saturday the 11th, you will have the opportunity to participate with the SF ACS (Auxiliary Communications Service) volunteer radio operators in their quarterly radio drill and exercise.

The ACS Chief has given me very few details:

·      For this drill and exercise we will assist ACS as if a disaster had occurred and amateur radio communicators are needed.

·      2MCM radio operators should report to Spreckels Lake from 0900 hrs. to 0930 hrs.  Late arrivals will be given assignments.  Arriving during this period is preferred.

·      ACS members will receive instructions of their own for the drill.

·      The ACS Drill will last until about 1400 hrs.

·      Our participation in the ACS Drill will last until about noon, or later if you can stay.

·      We might hold a hotwash of our own at the lake to discuss what we did.

·      All 2MCM participants will check in to our own Spreckels Lake Resource Net, either as you travel to the lake, or upon arrival at the lake.

·      Our 2MCM Resource Net will be set up at the lake to take check-ins on 146.550 PL 100, beginning at 0900 hrs.

·      Assignments will be given at the lake by the Resource Net Control Operator.

·      Be prepared to leave the immediate Spreckels Lake area with your radio equipment, including:  A clipboard, paper, pencils, a little food, a little water, and dressed appropriately.  Charge your battery the night before, and/or bring a spare battery.

·      You will send, receive and relay messages.

·      You will work in teams of two.

·      Please no NERT or ALERT clothing or identification.

·      As 2MCM radio operators, we have no affiliations. 

·      Please RSVP to me if you are going to participate, to help with planning. 

·      However, your RSVP is not required to participate.  

·      Please join us for this special 2 Meter Critical Mass Radio Practice


Peter McElmury AA6SF



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