Recap: Best Practice on October 10th

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Greetings 2 Meter Radio Practice Friends,

Saturday there were 14 of us at Spreckels Lake gathering at the green pop-up tent used for the Command and Control Post. The weather was sunny and warm and all of us got to talk on our radios. David KG6CEL our Net Control operator for the Command and Control Post, assigned us into groups of two to run six Communications Posts (Comm Posts).

At 1000 hrs Peter AA6SF gave a briefing on what we were going to do. We were given a Communications Band Plan, instructions for the channels to use, ICS forms (213 message, 309 comm log, 214 unit log) and sent out to make contact with each Comm Post, send & receive messages, change channels; and we even used the WA6GG repeater to contact the SF ACS RO’s who were positioned way over at the Marina participating in Fleet Week.  The Comm Posts sent messages to Net Control, Net Control made contact with the Comm Posts to check on them, and give them new instructions and new channels to use.  I should mention that the six Comm Posts kept Net Control very busy.

Those of us who needed experience using their radios were helped by their more experienced teammate.

When it was about 1130 hrs Net Control called everyone back to the Command and Control Post location for a debriefing.  It was mutually agreed we should do this again.  Everyone got to talk and receive, learn a little more about their radio, be helped and help another RO.  

This all took place in only two hours (1000 hrs to 1200 hrs).

Our next Radio Practice will be on November 14th.  We will  join the SF ACS (Auxiliary Communications Service) for their quarterly drill and training event.  The 2 Meter Radio operators will meet at Spreckels Lake and operate from there.  Put this date on your calendar – November 14 – so you don’t miss out on another opportunity to use your radio.

Thanks to everyone who joined me at Spreckels Lake Saturday.

Best Regards,

Peter McElmury AA6SF




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