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Saturday’s 2MCM Radio Practice

December 13th, 2015

Barb, Sylvia, Barbara, Glenn, Noel, Wassim, Richard & Jim,

Thanks for joining me at Spreckels Lake Saturday. The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm.
All of you seemed to indicate the practice was worthwhile. I got a little confused handing out and changing the assignments and frequencies; but the eight of you took it in stride and kept up the pace sending and receiving messages. Thanks again!

So now I ask the eight of you and all of the 2MCM Members:
What would you like to do next time?
What one or two things would you like to be covered at the next or future radio practices?
Over the past five years, besides talking on our radios, we introduced quite a few “esoteric” radio subjects. The last few practices this year have been mostly about the practical use of our radios – sending and receiving and “fidgeting” with our own radio to make it work.
I would like to keep doing this: using our radios. And your helping each other with their radios.
But you may have a particular radio subject of interest and I would like to know what that is.
Antennas for the home or car? Mobile and base-station radios? You tell me.
There is still a lot I don’t know and there are some of you who I would like to see at the Lake a little more often.
Join me at Spreckels Lake and help me and others learn more about Amateur Radio.

The next 2MCM Radio Practice will be January 9th, 2016.
2016 is a big year for me. In July I turn 70 years young. Yikes!

Best and warmest regards to all of you,

Peter McElmury AA6SF ( )