W6TP Repeater / UHF Change

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The Telephone Pioneers have made a  change to the W6TP repeater.

The UHF CTCSS has changed; what we often refer to as PL.  (CTCSS = Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System).  I have been told that this is a temporary change to eliminate interference problems that recently cropped up until another solution is found.

What they changed: The Squelch Type has been changed from TONE (the little T you see on your radio’s display screen) to Digital Code Squelch or DCS.  The DCS Tone Mode is 114.

You may want to refer to your radio’s Operating Manual and go to the section for CTCSS Operation.

In summary: The UHF/70cm frequency itself did not change.  It is still 443.100 MHz.  The Repeater Shift is still positive (+).  But the CTCSS Tone Mode is now DCS and the DCS Tone Code is 114.

Be advised that older radios may not have a DCS Tone Mode.  This indicates it is time for you to buy a new radio.  Do not use the UHF frequency if you cannot change to DCS.    . . .  As many of you know, I like the Yaesu FT 60R, and its still the same price it was 8 years ago.  

If you have an “older” radio, the VHF/2Meter frequency still  works and you can use it without making any changes.  It remains 146.790 MHz, Repeater Shift negative (-), Tone 114.8Hz.

I hope to see you at the next 2MCM Radio Practice, Saturday May 14th.  

We are going to continue where we left off last month and organize as a group of volunteer radio operators working a Marathon/Special Event.  Don’t be late.  We will start at 1000 hours and finish by 1200 hours.

We are still having fun, learning new stuff and talking on our radios.

Best Regards,

Peter McElmury AA6SF




  1. KI7AGD says:

    tried to connect to W6TP between July 28-31, 2017.
    Heard the repeater beacon, but no activity form users.
    Using: 146.790 114.8 –
    DP-EMY: SF-AMK14 on 7-31-17
    Transmitting from AMK14 RM: H 1431

    • Peter says:

      Louis KI7AGD, Listen in on Tuesdays beginning 1155 hrs for the Siren Net and Fridays at 1200 hrs for the Zen Net. These are the only two scheduled nets I know of, but the repeater is used sporadically by local hams. Are you in San Francisco for long or heading by North?
      73, Peter AA6SF

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