Next Radio Practice Saturday, December 10, 2016

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Greetings 2MCM Radio Practice Friends,

Our next radio practice will be Saturday December 10, 2016 at Spreckels Lake.

For this radio practice we will participate with the NERTs who are putting on a Staging Area Drill at Washington High School, just up the hill.

Our role will be to act as a NERT Field Team sending reports to the Staging Area. Some of our messages may be relayed by them to the Battalion 7 radio operators, and we will likely get replies to our messages.

At Spreckels Lake we will use a NERT Tactical frequency, to be given out Lakeside, and the NERT Staging Area radio team will use a NERT Battalion frequency for sending messages to the Battalion Chief.

What fun! And what a good way to practice sending radio messages!

At the Lake we need to be ready to start sending messages by 0930, or earlier!

I will write messages using the ILCAN format so all of you can start sending as soon as the Staging Area Communications group is set up.

So as to not inundate the NERT radio operators with our messages, we will practice sending messages amongst ourselves, using a different frequency, to fill in the time.

Everyone will get a chance to send and receive messages. There will be experienced radio operators to answer questions. Bring your fully charged radio, a clipboard, paper, pencils, and your radio’s operating manual.

If you are a NERT – I urge and recommend you sign up for the Drill at Washington HS. They will need radio operators for their drill, and getting experience working with the Incident Command System is very important. Those of us at Spreckels Lake will appreciate your being at the Staging Area to take our messages.

Here is the link to RSVP for the NERT Staging Area Drill to copy/paste:

Best regards. I hope to see you at the Lake!

Peter McElmury AA6SF


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