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RECAP & Next Radio Practice April 14th

March 23rd, 2018

2MCM Radio Practice Friends,

Next Radio Practice:

Saturday, April 14th, 2018, at Spreckels Lake, 36th Ave & Fulton from 1000hrs. to 1200hrs.      Bring clipboard, paper, pencil/pen, and radio’s operating manual.  Everyone will use their radio, ask questions and help each other.  Dress for unpredictable weather.

Recap –  March practice:

Saturday March 10, 2018, at our radio practice there were 17 of us at the Lake.   The morning started out a little cold, with an overcast sky.  I was fearful the weather report would keep radio operators away.  The temperature warmed up some and there was no wind to chill us.

David KK6JKC was the first RO to arrive followed by Ann K6SHO from Corte Madera.  And then more and more arrived for a total of 17 ROs.

Looking at the check-in log I see that of the 17, 12 were first timers to 2MCM, and 7 got their licenses this year !

Everyone was eager to use their radios, get help with a variety of operating concerns and really use their radios.

Oh, and Nathan KM6ADE arrived a few minutes after 1000 hrs., in the nick of time, so-to-speak, to help run the Alpha Net (check-in by radio) and Elmer Ann who had not run a net before.  And, thank you David KK6JKC for leading a discussion on message sending.

The topic for the messages was Birth Dates and Places of Birth of well known people born in the month of March.  The Phonetic Alphabet was used (practiced) for many of the messages.

Everyone was assigned to a team, (Bravo, Delta or Foxtrot – each with a different radio frequency) as a team Radio Operator or a team Net Control Operator.  Team members helped each other with changing frequencies on their radios and sending/receiving messages.

Everyone sent 2 or 3 messages to their NCO and copied 2 messages from their NCO.

The two hours went by quickly.

I hope to see you at the next Radio Practice, which will be April 14th.  Mark this date in your calendar now so you don’t forget.  (Don’t believe the Friday night weather report.)

P.S.:  SF NERTs – Put on your calendar April 21st, for the NERT Citywide Drill.  Go to the NERT website to register for it.  I will be there for the Citywide Drill.  With my radio!


Peter McElmury AA6SF