Next Radio Practice May 11, 2019

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2MCM Radio Practice Friends,

There were seven of us at Spreckels Lake for the radio practice April 13, 2019.  The Sun was out and the sky was blue.  I quickly took off one of my warm layers of clothing and put on a hat with a brim.

New to the 2MCM Radio Practice this year is our using the SFRC W6PW repeater for check-ins, beginning at approx. 1000 hours.  All stations are welcome and encouraged to check in, whether they are at The Lake or not.

Richard KJ6PTX as Net Control, took check-ins from four stations who were not at The Lake.

The seven of us at The Lake used this time to talk about Repeaters, Nets, Net Control Operators and how best to participate in a radio net.

Richard KJ6PTX re-opened the net on W6PW and took check-ins from us at The Lake.

Then, we each took a turn working as a Net Control Operator, using a simplex frequency, and took “check-ins” from the other six. 

Our next radio practice will be Saturday, May 11, 2019, again at Spreckels Lake, Golden Gate Park, 36th Ave. and Fulton St., from 1000 hours to 1200 hours. 

If it is your first time or you haven’t been to the Lake in a while – arrive 15 or 20 minutes early to get oriented. There are always experienced radio operators to help and we greatly appreciate them for joining us at the Lake.

For check-ins we now use the SFRC W6PW repeater, 145.150 (-) DCS 664. 

Check-ins from stations not at the Lake are welcome beginning at approx. 1000 hours. Or, check-in as you are driving to the Lake and again when you arrive at the Lake.  Listen to the Net Control Operator for instructions. The Net on this frequency will close about 1030 hours..

Bring your radio with a fully charged battery, it’s operating manual, a clipboard, paper, pencil / pen.  Dress for the predictably unpredictable San Francisco weather – bring two layers, hat and sunscreen.

I hope to see you at the Lake,

Peter McElmury AA6SF


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