About 2 Meter

2 Meter Critical Mass Amateur Radio Practice

What:  An opportunity to practice Ham radio communications

When:  2nd Saturday of the month, 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs

Where:   Spreckels Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, 36th Ave. & Fulton St.

Who:  Licensed Amateur Radio Operators, any experience level, bring your radio and manual, paper and pencil

Why:  There are not many opportunities to practice with your radio; so come to the Lake to practice, learn from an Elmer or be an Elmer

How:  Use your radio, practice with other Hams; learn more about your radio and Amateur Radio Communications

What’s more fun than being with other Amateur Radio enthusiasts of varying experience levels talking on the radio?

So, come on out.  Be an Elmer.  Ask an Elmer for help.  That’s what Amateur Radio is all about.

Contact Peter McElmury at:  AA6SF (at) ARRL (dot)NET for more details (and type “2 Meter Practice” in subject line)

Definition of Critical Mass:

  • Point of change: a point or situation at which change occurs
  • Necessary size or amount: the size or amount of something that is required before an activity or event can take place


  1. Jan Leja says:

    Great website, very professional, but lean, with no superfluous details.
    The problem we had with establishing tone squelch last meeting will have to be addressed. How do we prove that the system works?
    If you don’t have a tone entered you will not be able to communicate via a repeater. Should that not be the case with a hand held radio? Do you have a button to enable to tone along with having to set the frequency?

  2. Michael K6MLF says:

    Good job, Peter! I wish I could be a regular, but Saturday mornings are my weekly class in Classical Italian Fencing. Except when it’s raining, since my Maestro’s strip is in his backyard…

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