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Recap: 2 Meter Radio Practice 11/17/2012

December 3rd, 2012

Weather: No rain from 1000hrs to 1200hrs, no wind, cool and overcast skies.

Turn Out:  There were 9 of us at the Lake.

Net Control:  Wassim WN6WJN

Scribe:  Matt KJ6AKFNext Practice:  To be announced

Wassim WN6WJN & Matt KJ6AKF taking check-ins

Round table discussion about ham radio

Recap: 2 Meter Radio Practice 9/22/2012

September 25th, 2012

(Jeff KC9DPP talking about  listening to airliner SFO take-off conversations using our HTs)


Weather: Warm and Sunny

Turn Out:  There were 10 of us at the Lake

Net Control:  Diana KI6BQP

Discussion:  Using out HTs to listen to airliner cockpit conversations during takeoff from SFO, Ham Q&A and Ham Protocols

Next Practice:  October 27, 2012 Calendar

Check out other photos from the practice


Recap: 2 Meter Radio Practice 7/21/2012

August 27th, 2012

Weather: Warm and very sunny

Turn Out: There were 11 of us at the Lake

Net Control for check in: Phil KI6DMJ

Next practice: No practice scheduled for August. The September practice has not yet been decided. Check back for posting of the date, or email KI6NYQ@ARRI.NET to be added to the 2 Meter Practice email group.

Click on this link to see the Three Stooges receive a Morse code message 

Recap: 2 Meter Radio Practice 6/16/2012

June 19th, 2012
Weather: Warm and Sunny, no wind.  Usually coats and scarves are required, but today we needed hats and sunscreen
Turn Out: Thirteen 2 Meter Friends
Net Control for check in: Tom KJ6TGS (photo left) with David KG6CEL as Scribe (photo right)
Discussions: Radio Procedures and Protocols, Nuances of Using a Repeater, VFO scanning and RF Squelch, Third Party Transmissions
Next Practice: July 21, 2012 Calendar
Check out photos from practice submitted by Barney KI6UII, and David KG6CEL

Recap: 2 Meter Radio Practice 5/12/2012

May 15th, 2012
Weather: Cool and breezy, overcast sky (always good idea to bring that “extra layer”)
Turn Out:  Ten 2 Meter Friends with radios, questions and answers
Net Control for check in: Mary Molly KI6NYS
Discussions:  Antennas, radio operation, dual band receive, solar power, basics electronics, Elmer helped solve a members radio problem, lots of side conversations about radios
Next Practice:  June 9, 2012 Calendar

Recap: 2 Meter Radio Practice 4/21/2012

April 25th, 2012

Weather: Beautiful- warm, sunny, no wind, powerboats were quiet, cormorant diving for food

Turn Out: Eighteen 2 Meter Friends with radios in hand

Net Control for check in: Richard KJ6PTX

Demonstration: Tom KJ6TGS talked about his solar energy collection and charging systems.   Tom says “Do your research, contact him for what he has learned”.

Solar links: 

Goal Zero Solar Power

Brunton Outdoor Portable Power

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Foldable Solar Panel from REI

Brunton Restore Hybrid Solar Charger from REI


Peter KI6NYQ- showed his ‘radio in a box”.  Photos and parts list to appear soon in this website.  Peter also showed his Edison Fong 2 meter/70cm J-Pole in a pvc pipe shown.  SWR 1.0:1.0 !!

Photos by: David KG6CEL See them here Practice 04-21-2012

Recap: 2 Meter Radio Practice 3/17/2012

March 22nd, 2012

Our practice last week, 3/17/2012, was the best!

Our 22nd meeting of the  2 Meter Critical Mass Amateur Radio Practice was held on St. Patricks Day inside the San Francisco Model Yacht Club, a stones throw from where we usually meet.  Michael K6MLF arranged for the use of the club house and was approved by congenial Commodore Bob.  Michael gave a very nice talk about the club’s history and the boats.  All will agree it was the highlight of the morning and a rare opportunity even for long time San Franciscans.  Photos will appear soon in the 2 Meter Website.  
And, our website has a link to the SFMYC website.  

From their website: The club was founded in 1898, with members sailing 36″ model yachts on Stow Lake, which was not particularly well suited for model boating. The Spreckels Family donated our lake, Spreckels Lake, to the city of San Francisco in 1903. The lake was specifically designed for model yachting. The first clubhouse was built with materials salvaged from the 1906 earthquake.

We did talk on our radios, questions were answered by Elmers, and I think everyone left knowing a little more about their radio.  Two hours well spent, I think.

How do we match this at our next practice?

We can only do this if you are there.
Bring your fully charged radio, the operators manual, paper and pencil and questions,. . .  and dress for the predictably unpredictable SF weather.
I am hoping there will be a demonstration of a solar portable battery charging rig.
And, maybe a demo of my new dual band mobile, battery powered, radio.  
Next practice: Our next practice will be April 21, 2012, again at Spreckels Lake. 1000 hours to 1200 hours. Check the Calendar for more info.
Dress for the predictably unpredictable SF weather.