San Francisco Nets

 v San Francisco Amateur Radio Club Net

Monday evening at 8 on the 2 Meter club repeater.

W6PW Repeater

145.150 negative offset, DCS 664 (note change made to CTCSS: Changed to DCS Digital Code Squelch)

All friends of the club are welcome. You do not have to be a member to participate.

v The Siren Net

Please visit the Outdoor Public Warning System webpage for information about the Siren Net held on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday of the month at noon.

If you are an Amateur Radio Operator, you can check in to Siren Net and give us a report of what you hear during the test. This net is conducted by the Auxiliary Communications Service on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday of each month. It starts just before noon, and check-in with reports begins after the sirens sound at noon.  All licensed Amateur Radio Operators are welcome to participate. The net runs on the linked UHF/VHF repeaters owned by the George S. Ladd Telephone Pioneers: 443.100/+ DCS 114 and 146.790/- tone 114.8.

If you do not have an Amateur Radio License or are not able to check-in on the siren net, we have another way for you to report the weekly test of your siren – an online form!  This link will take you to the survey form to report your siren performance

for a printable map of siren locations, go to:

v The ACS Thursday Net

Thursday evening 1930 hours local time

WA6GG Repeater

442.050 positive offset, tone 127.3

The ACS Net begins at 1930 hours (7:30 p.m.) local time each Thursday evening, on the WA6GG repeater at 442.050 MHz, positive offset, tone 127.3 Hz. The purpose of this net is to practice Net Control skills, practice checking in with deployment status in a formal net, and to share information regarding upcoming ACS events. Guests are welcome to check in. ACS Members should perform Net Control duty on a regular basis. On the second Thursday of each month, the net will be conducted on the output frequency of the WA6GG repeater, 442.050 MHz no offset, tone 127.3 Hz, simplex.


v The ACS Simplex Net

2nd Thursday of the month, 1930 hours local time

WA6GG Repeater

442.050 MHz, no offset, tone 127.3

On the second Thursday of each month (read this carefully), the net will begin and close on this, the WA6GG repeater, 442.050 MHz, positive offset tone 127.3 Hz, at 7:30pm to announce that the net this evening will be conducted in simplex mode (on the WA6GG repeater’s output frequency, 442.050 MHz, no offset-simplex, tone 127.3 Hz). Weak stations may require relaying of information.



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