Parts List for my “Radio in a Box”

Description Manufacturer Model From
2M/440 Transceiver Kenwood TM-V71A HRO
Tripod, Portable 18 FT MFJ MFJ-1919EX HRO
TNC (terminal node controller) Kantronics KPC-3 Plus HRO
Cross Needle SWR & Power Meter Daiwa CN-103M HRO
18″ Jumper cable w PL 259 Cable X-Perts CXPO8XC18 HRO
3 Ft RG8X jumper cable w Pl 259 Cable X-Perts CXPO8XC3 HRO
Speaker, external MFJ MFJ-281 HRO
50 ft. Antenna coax RG8X w/silver C&G HRO8X/50U HRO
Sportsman Utility Dry Box (the “Box”) MTM SPUD7-09
Battery, Tysonic SLA/AGM 12V 7.5Ah Powerwerx AGM12-7 HRO
Charger, Battery Tender Plus Deltran BT-Plus Powerwerx
Powerpole to Battery F-Type terminal adapter cable Anderson PP-2-F2 Powerwerx
ATC Style Fuse Holders with Powerpoles (Guage 12, Amps: 15A) Anderson PPH-12 Powerwerx
Red-Dee 2 8-Way Powerpole Splitter Powerwerx PS-8 Powerwerx
Bullet/SAE Connector to Powerpole-1 ft. long Anderson Bullet-2-PP Powerwerx

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