June 8, 2017 – Next Radio Practice

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2MCM Radio Practice Friends,

Please join me Saturday, July 8, 2017, from 1000 hours to 1200 hours, for our next radio practice.  Mark your calendar now.

This practice will be the start of our Eighth (8th) year at Spreckels Lake.

Who would have thought?

Our first radio practice was July 10, 2010, when 22 of you joined me at the Lake.

To all of you who have joined me at the Lake I am grateful to you for helping me keep this little radio practice going.

The radio practice is only 2 hours, once a month.

Some of you are regulars joining me month after month.

Some of you make it to the Lake when you can.

And some of you I would like to see more often.

I want all of you to be better radio operators, and most importantly help others become better radio operators.

Please join me at beautiful Spreckels Lake for the start of our Eighth (8TH) year!

Fun Fact About 2MCM:  I counted all the check-in logs since July 10, 2010 (3 are missing ?#@$!) and the number of check ins at the Lake totaled 845 ! ! !   That is a lot of check ins ! 

73 (Best regards),

Peter McElmury AA6SF



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