Recap June 10, 2017 Radio Practice

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Yesterday’s radio practice was a lot of fun.

Besides the warm Sun and bright blue sky, a friendly and eager team of fifteen (15) radio operators joined me at Spreckels Lake to talk on our radios, send and receive messages, change frequencies and help each other. There were 5 first-timers who I hope will join us again and again.

Please join me Saturday, July 8, 2017, 1000 hours to 1200 hours, for our next radio practice. This practice will be the start of our Eighth (8th) year at Spreckels Lake. Who would have thought?  Our first radio practice was July 10, 2010.

Towards the end of Saturday’s practice Golf Net Control sent some special messages. The subject line for each was “WW II HISTORICAL MESSAGE”. On the Internet I found actual short June 5, 1944 BBC broadcast messages for the French Resistance and French citizens to alert them the Invasion was to begin.  At the same time other coded messages were being sent by voice and Morse Code to French Resistance radio operators, who were using “home build” short wave radios and antennas.

Amateur Radio Operators were in service way back then. A lot is owed to them.

73 and Thanks to all of you. I hope to see you at the Lake.

Peter McElmury AA6SF

Next Practice June 10,2017

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Our next 2MCM Radio Practice will be Saturday June 10, 2017, from 1000 hours to 1200 hours, at Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park, 36th Ave. and Fulton St.

Look for the long row of green park benches.

Try to arrive before 1000 hours, as we like to get started talking on our radios. Bring a clipboard, paper, pens/pencils, and your radios operators’ manual

For our last practice on May 13th, there were 16 of us, the sky was blue, the Sun was bright and we talked on our radios. Experienced radio operators helped the new ones. Here are some photos from the day – thank you Will, KD8DR

Recap April 8 Radio Practice

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The rain stopped Saturday around 0950 hours, the sun came out, the sky became a beautiful blue, the Canada Geese were landing on the glistening lake.
And we reached Critical Mass for our radio practice.
Enough for Team Bravo to have three Radio Operators and a Net Control Operator.
The Team Bravo radio operators took turns each sending three pre-written messages to Net Control and Team Bravo Net Control sent a message to each of the radio operators.
Thank you Diana, David, Will and Richard for your good work!

Our next 2MCM Radio Practice will be Saturday May 13, 2017.
I hope to see you there at the lake.

Peter McElmury AA6SF

Next Radio Practice April 8, 2017

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2MCM Friends,

On Saturday March 11th we had another pretty darn good radio practice.

Eighteen radio operators by my count came to the Lake with their radios, ready to talk and enjoy the Sunshine!

I threw them a curve by changing the 2MCM Comm Plan. They helped each other program in the new 2MCM frequencies and then we all talked and talked!

“Helping each other” is what we do at 2MCM Radio Practices.

Our next 2MCM Radio Practice will be April 8th. So mark your calendars now!

Speaking of marking our calendars – the SF NERT City Wide Drill is scheduled for April 22nd.   For all of us ham radio NERTs this is a super opportunity to practice using our radios – for the very reason we got our licenses and radios.

RSVP now at:

If you are not a NERT you can help out by being a victim, which is a lot of fun and really helps the NERTs with their training. RSVP to be a victim at:

FYI: An RSVP also means lunch is provided!

If you haven’t been able to use your radio for some time, please come to the April 8th 2MCM Radio Practice. We can help you dust off the cobwebs.  Charge up the battery the night before.

If you are hesitating to sign up for the NERT City Wide Drill April 22nd, come to the April 8th 2MCM Radio Practice.  Most of us are NERTs and we can practice and build confidence for the drill.

Lastly, thank you all for your support. I know you come to the radio practices when you can. I am told there is really no other place in San Francisco to do what we do at 2MCM. Only one Saturday a month for only two hours, yet we accomplish a lot.

I hope to see you at the Lake,

Peter McElmury AA6SF


Next Radio Practice Saturday – March 11, 2017

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Our next Radio Practice will be Saturday – March 11, 2017, from 1000 hours to 1200 hours, at Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park, 36th Avenue & Fulton Street. Look for the long row of green park benches.

Last month, February 11th, we had a very nice group of 18 radio operators who were all eager to use their radios. Although I forgot to bring the pre-written messages for our practice the group pitched in and wrote their own messages, sending and receiving them using three different assigned channels. Everyone looked like they had a good time, the Sun was bright and the coats we brought were not needed.

For the March 11 practice we again will start out by checking into a net, help anyone who has questions about their radio, and importantly use our radios to send and receive!

Try to arrive before or by 1000 hours. If you are new to 2MCM the side road along the North shore of the lake usually has plenty of parking.

I look forward to seeing you at the Lake. And many, many thanks to all of you who have been supporting the 2MCM Radio Practice. The July 2017 practice will mark 7 Years of 2MCM at Spreckels Lake!

73, Peter McElmury AA6SF

P.S.: It is not too early to start thinking about volunteering to be a radio operator for the San Francisco Marathon, Sunday – July 23, 2017. The SF Radio Club will soon have info posted on its web site for volunteering. Our 2MCM practice June 10th or July 8th will include practice working as a radio operator at a marathon.  Go to:

Next Radio Practice February 11, 2017

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Greetings 2MCM Radio Practice Friends,

Our next practice will be Saturday February 11, 2017, from 1000 hours to 1200 hours, at Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park.  36th Avenue & Fulton.

For our January 14th radio practice we had a congenial group of 14 radio operators, with two who were brand new hams. Everyone got to talk on his or her radio, get questions answered or help someone.

I hope to see you there,

Peter McElmury AA6SF


Next Radio Practice Sat. January 14, 2017

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Greetings and Happy New Year 2MCM Friends,

Our next practice will be Saturday January 14, 2017, from 1000 hours to 1200 hours, at Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park.

Weather permitting!  Forecast: Partly Cloudy and Chance of Rain.

I need your ideas for the 2017 radio practices.

What would you like to do when we meet at the lake?

What did we do in 2016 that you liked?

Was there anything you did not like?

If you haven’t been to a radio practice in a while – what would bring you out to the lake in 2017?

I wish for each of you to have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2017. At times it may be tough. But if we stick together, help a senior citizen across the street, continue to have Hope and work hard for what we want and believe – then 2017 will be a Good One.

Best regards,
Peter McElmury AA6SF

Hear Anne Kronenberg Speak

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2MCM Friends,

I am forwarding an invitation from Lawrence Lin, ACS Chiefto attend the Tuesday January 17th ACS meeting, beginning 1900 hours and ending 2100 hours.

Arrive early to get a parking space, (bring a friend & car pool?), and processed in by the Sheriff Deputies.

Location 1011 Turk St. Park at the metered spaces, free after 1800 hours. Check in with the Sheriff Deputies for a Visitors Badge.

From Lawrence Lin:

Anne Kronenberg will be speaking at our January 17 ACS General Meeting.  

Anne Kronenberg is currently the Executive Director of the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.

I would like to invite the greater ham radio/disaster relief community in SF so please invite anyone who you think might be interested (e.g. 2MCM, NERTs, SFRC, others).  Please have non-ACS people RSVP via this link:  so that we can let the sheriffs desk know in advance.  

To learn about Anne Kronenberg, go to:
Anne Kronenberg is an American political administrator and LGBT rights activist. She is best known for being Harvey Milk’s campaign manager during his historic San …
I personally urge 2MCM radio operators to put this on their calendars to hear Ms. Kronenberg talk about DEM and disaster management.  Ms. Kronenberg is a big supporter of San Francisco’s NERTs and the ham radio community.
I plan to be there!
  Best Regards,
    Peter McElmury AA6SF

Next Radio Practice Saturday, December 10, 2016

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Greetings 2MCM Radio Practice Friends,

Our next radio practice will be Saturday December 10, 2016 at Spreckels Lake.

For this radio practice we will participate with the NERTs who are putting on a Staging Area Drill at Washington High School, just up the hill.

Our role will be to act as a NERT Field Team sending reports to the Staging Area. Some of our messages may be relayed by them to the Battalion 7 radio operators, and we will likely get replies to our messages.

At Spreckels Lake we will use a NERT Tactical frequency, to be given out Lakeside, and the NERT Staging Area radio team will use a NERT Battalion frequency for sending messages to the Battalion Chief.

What fun! And what a good way to practice sending radio messages!

At the Lake we need to be ready to start sending messages by 0930, or earlier!

I will write messages using the ILCAN format so all of you can start sending as soon as the Staging Area Communications group is set up.

So as to not inundate the NERT radio operators with our messages, we will practice sending messages amongst ourselves, using a different frequency, to fill in the time.

Everyone will get a chance to send and receive messages. There will be experienced radio operators to answer questions. Bring your fully charged radio, a clipboard, paper, pencils, and your radio’s operating manual.

If you are a NERT – I urge and recommend you sign up for the Drill at Washington HS. They will need radio operators for their drill, and getting experience working with the Incident Command System is very important. Those of us at Spreckels Lake will appreciate your being at the Staging Area to take our messages.

Here is the link to RSVP for the NERT Staging Area Drill to copy/paste:

Best regards. I hope to see you at the Lake!

Peter McElmury AA6SF

Next 2MCM Radio Practice

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Greetings 2MCM Friends,

Our next radio practice is Saturday November 12,  from 1000 hours to 1200 hours at Spreckels Lake.

I apologize for the late notice. The month has flown by for me.

Hopefully you already have this date marked on your calendar, as we have been meeting on the 2nd Saturday of the month for the past 3 or 4 years.

This Saturday we will continue our practice with nets, net control and sending/receiving messages.  New and experienced radio operators will work together.  We will talk on our radios.

If you have questions about your radio or nearly any aspect of ham radio communications someone will be there to help you.

Please bring your fully charged radio, paper, pencils and dress for the predictable weather, whatever that might be.

Best regards.  I hope to see you at the Lake.

Peter McElmury AA6SF